The Grimes NeXus Portal Guide

The Grimes NeXus Supply Management Portal was designed to help you to quickly set up an online workflow that's easy to use and geared to help simplify your purchasing process.

You can set up spend and order approval limits based on your company requirements to help ensure you have the right control of your overall spend.

This guide covers all the important features currently available but please check back regularly as new features will be added on a regular basis.


My Account (Goto Member Tab dropdown options at upper right of screen)

Access Your Member Profile and Create Users:

To log into your profile, click on the Member Login tab and register.  If you are an existing Grimes account, kindly contact us to advise that you would like access your account information and purchase history and we will complete the setup process.

Once logged in you can setup your profile information.  The administrator of your account will have the option to create new sub-accounts, add more users, and allow modified portal access to other members of your organization as required.  Specifically, the administrator may allow or deny access to specific information such as pricing, or the ordering system as required.

Order History

You have full access to your invoices and can use them as reference for pricing, tracking, and reordering at any time. 

Saved Lists

The save lists option allows you to create custom catalogs for users, departments, and/or locations within your organization.  The saved lists functionality provides an easy way to help limit your spend to pre-selected products for consistency and maximum savings, which can help reduce cost.

You can also create a standing order using the auto-reorder function.  This is useful for the products you use regularly and is an easy way to help make sure that you don’t run out of product.  These orders are easy to manage and update as required.

Special Order & Quote Requests

All special order quotes will be emailed to the appropriate contact but will also reside on your online account. 



Prices quoted will remain in effect until such time as we have received an increase from the manufacturer. 

Special orders may result in product overages or shortages, at the discretion of the manufacturer(s) involved.